South Shore Line

Train Schedule Concept


The goal of this project was to organize a large body of information into a compact and easy-to-read format. The content I used for this exercise is the schedule for the South Shore Line, which runs between Chicago and South Bend. My main focuses in creating this project were minimizing the amount of repeated information on the layout and creating a visual system that is intuitive and easy to navigate.


InDesign, Illustrator

Interior View

In order to increase readability at a glance, I used arrows to denote the direction of each train and bright colors to distinguish morning and afternoon times.

Unfolded View

I used the same set of station labels for both weekday and weekend trains in an attempt to avoid unnecessarily duplicating information and organize all content around a single central axis.

Rear View

I used the back of the pamphlet to include the fares between stations. With this information, practically everything one needs to know to ride the South Shore Line is included within the layout.

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